Mail-Checker (βετα)

The easiest way to validate your emails !

What is it? What is it ?

When you want to start a new web product, one of the common things is to have users and make sure you can contact them further. Sometimes they are using wrong emails because of errors while typing or sometimes they are using f***ing temporary emails just to validate the registration and after... problem, you can't contact them (to get missing informations for shipping, send newsletters...).

Mail-Checker permits to verify emails and to have useful emails. This will improve your conversion rate because no more errors and you will have more chances to achieve to contact your community.

Test it

Pricing Pricing

For now, this is just a beta version, everything is free so... enjoy ;)

Further, the pricing will be with monthly packages:

Developer:limitated to hundreds api calls per days
Small:limitated to 5,000 api calls per days
Normal:limitated to 10,000 api calls per days
Big:limitated to 50,000 api calls per days
Huge:more than 50 000 api calls per days

For the price, it will be from 0$ (for Developer package) to 150$ (for Big package) and for Huge it will depend on what is needed.

This can be change, it will be updated regarding your feedbacks.

How to use it? How to use it ?

First you need to create your app here.

This service works with an API accessible by, the api return a json result.
This API is very simple, it just take two parameters, your app token key and the email.
The response status will indicate the kind of error encountered (if errors).

200 (ok)Everything's good, your mail is valid
400 (bad request)The email parameter is not given or your token is wrong
422 (unprocessable entity)The email syntaxe is wrong
502 (bad gateway)The email domain is not accessible
406 (not acceptable)The email is a temporary email

In console

If you want to have a quick look on that you can simply run curl command.

curl -Gid "token=your_api_token_key&email=your_email"

Client side

Include this script in your page then you can check your email inputs with the following instruction:

$("input[type=email]").mail_checker('your_api_token_key', {
  success:        function() { }, // stuff when email is valid
  invalid_format: function() { }, // stuff when email format is invalid
  invalid_domain: function() { }, // stuff when domain doesn't respond
  temporary_mail: function() { }  // stuff when it is a temporary mail

Server side

It's here -->